Somalia opens first insurance company in over 20 years

The first insurance company of Somali in over 20 years opened in its capital Mogadishu on Monday, marking a shift in the business practice in the country, which has for a long time been prone to risks without cover. The company, First Takaful and Re-Takaful Insurance Company, aims at providing life, car and house insurance […]

Somalia’s First Insurance Company Thrives as Economy Reinvigorates

Somalia’s first insurance company in over 25 years is now operational in Mogadishu, adding yet another step to the country’s reconstruction journey. Tafakul Insurance currently offers motor vehicle, health and marine insurance. Tafakul ventures into a sector uncommon to the Somali people, having been eroded during the years of civil war. It now joins the […]

Insurance covers risk of fire. absence of fire insurance

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